Custom Product Pages To Scale Acquisitions & Decrease Costs

By Jody Lee on 6th Dec 2023

A Personalised Apple App Store Power Strategy

Listen here; we are on the brink of an exciting revelation. One that’s going to change your perspective on App Store user acquisition and cost reduction. It’s called ‘Custom Product Pages’. Sounds simple, right? Customised App Store product pages.

These pages are your ticket to not just acquiring more users but doing so in a cost-efficient way. They are the lighthouses, guiding your prospects through the vast ocean of the App Store, straight to your app. So, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of these pages and how they’re not just a tool but a machine. A machine that will allow you to fire up your Apple Search Ads, amplify your app install campaigns, and skyrocket your display advertising networks.

And here’s the real gift. These custom product pages don’t just bring users to your doorstep. No, no. They help you weave a story - a narrative that contextualises the user journey. Why does that matter? Because when a user feels connected to the journey, they are more likely to install your app. And that is how you win the game.

So strap in, grab a notepad, and swoop into the world of custom product pages. Let’s turn your app into a force to be reckoned with!

Unleashing the Beast: Custom Product Pages to Skyrocket Acquisitions & Slash Costs

The Precision of Personalisation: Crafting Customisation Based on User Intent, Target Audiences, and Seasonal Campaigns

Zero in on your Target: You’re not just casting your net into the ocean and hoping for a bite. No! You’re on a mission. You’re diving deep, knowing exactly where to find your prospect, and using demographics, psychographics, and geographics to spearfish your specific audience segments for higher conversion rates. It’s not just effective, it’s pure genius!

The Art of Alignment: Custom product pages allow you to create a symphony - a harmonious blend of creatives for your audience. Your audience won’t just see your product; they’ll experience it. They’ll connect with it. And that is where the magic happens.

Returning Users – Your Goldmine: With custom product pages, you can guide your returning users to discover new or specific app features. It’s like inviting them back into your home, each time with a new room to explore. They’ll never tire of it!

Crafting a Personalised Journey: Turning Customers into Raving Fans

The Power of Your Story: You’re not just selling a product; you’re selling an experience. With your custom product pages, you’re weaving a story that will make your prospects’ hearts race. You’re not just tickling their senses; you’re evoking emotions that will make them hit that download button faster than a lightning bolt!

Speak to their Hearts: Your custom product pages are your stage. Speak directly to your customers and their desires. Make them feel seen, heard, and valued. When you make your customers the hero of your story, they won’t just become customers; they’ll become your raving fans. And that is the golden ticket to scaling acquisitions and decreasing costs.

The Game-Changer: Efficient Acquisition Strategy

Slice 'n Dice Your Acquisition Costs with Custom Product Pages

Bullseye! No More Wasted Ad Spend

With custom product pages, you’re not just tossing your money into the abyss, hoping for a bite. No way, Jose! You’re becoming a sniper, targeting your audience with surgical precision. This ain’t the wild west, it’s a sniper’s nest, and you’ve got the sights locked onto your target. So, you’re not just saving shots – you’re saving shed loads.

Relevance is King: Higher Conversion Rates

By making each landing page relevant to your audience, you’re not just showing them a product, you’re showing them THEIR product. They’ll see your app as the answer to their prayers, and bingo, your conversion rates go through the roof!

ROI? More Like RO-Why Aren’t You Doing This Already?

With higher conversion rates comes a better ROI. You’re spending less and earning more. That’s the kind of equation I like.

Your Creative Playground: Testing Ground for Different Strategies

Dare to Experiment: Innovating on Landing Pages

Custom product pages are your sandbox, your lab, your playground. It’s where you can stretch your creative legs, try new things, and see what sticks. Want to play with a new design? Go for it. Got a punchy new headline? Throw it in the mix.

The Art of Optimisation: Engage Users Like Never Before

Your custom page isn’t just a place to dump your product – it’s a stage. So, optimise your designs, tweak your headlines, and give your audience a show they won’t forget. Make them smile, make them gasp, make them tap that “install” button. Because when you’re engaging, you’re winning.

What's the CPP's secret sauce to success?

Testing and more testing. Try out different things, see what works, and then do more of that. It’s a simple, yet powerful strategy. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your perfect campaign.

Unleashing the Power of Custom Product Pages for App Marketing Channels

Weaving Custom Product Pages into the Fabric of Apple Search Ads

Got a knack for creativity? Good. Because in the world of Apple Search Ads, custom product pages are your canvas to paint a picture that captures your audience’s attention. It’s about creating ad variations and directing the traffic to specific custom product pages. Think of it as a guided tour, where you’re the tour guide showing your audience exactly what they came to see.

But that’s not all. With custom product pages, you can zero in on specific languages. You’re not just casting a wide net; you’re using a spear to target the fish that matter most to you. Now, isn’t that something? You can create French Canadian bait and English Canadian allure.

Now, let’s talk about those non-brand keywords. They might seem like a money pit, but with custom product pages, you can turn them into a rare work of art. Not only can you enhance their performance, but you can also increase the tap-through rate (TTR). That’s right! The number of times your ad was tapped by customers, divided by the total impressions your ad received. And in the world of Apple Search Ads, TTR isn’t just a metric; it’s a testament to your advertising creativity.

Optimising Apple Search Ads with Custom Product Pages

Listen, this is important. It’s not enough to just build a custom product page and hope for the best. You need to put some serious effort into your app preview and screenshot assets. Six of them, at least. Why six? Because it’s the magic number that gives you a shot at the top two positions in search results.

Optimise your custom product pages for Apple Search Ads

Here's what happens. Apple’s going to display your first three assets in the ad, and the next three in the top organic result, if you rank #1 for the search term. It’s like getting two bites at the apple (pun intended). So craft your assets wisely. Skimp on your assets, and you can kiss that organic position goodbye. Always aim for at least six assets.

Utilising App Install Campaigns for Increased User Acquisition

App Install Campaigns on Various Platforms

Do you know what grinds my gears? Seeing businesses limit themselves to just one platform. Spread your wings! Use app install campaigns across multiple platforms. You’ve got Google, Facebook, X (Twitter), and more. It’s like having several fishing lines in the water - you’re bound to reel in more users.

Optimising App Install Campaigns for custom product pages

Don’t just run campaigns willy-nilly. Optimise them for your custom product pages. Make sure your ads are aligned with your CPP message and audience. It’s like cooking a steak - you don’t just slap it on the grill, you season it to perfection first. Then continue basting it as you go.

Programmatic Display Advertising Networks for Decreasing Costs per Acquisition

Huge Advantages of Programmatic Display Advertising Networks

Why put up billboards in random places when you can target your audience with precision? That’s the beauty of programmatic display advertising networks. They’re like your ads attached to heat-seeking missiles.

And oh my goodness, it’s not just about the wide array of choices. It’s about the right choices. With programmatic, you’re not just throwing darts in the dark, crossing your fingers, and hoping something hits. No sir, you’re a sniper on a mission. You’ve got the crosshairs on your audience and with every ad, you’re making a calculated strike. You’re sending out personalised messages to the right people at the right time, not wasting a dime on folks who aren’t interested in what you’ve got to offer.

But hang on, the game gets even more exciting. The beauty of these programmatic networks is that they’re not just smart, they’re learning machines. They’re optimising in real-time, tweaking and adjusting as they go along, learning from each interaction, and making each subsequent ad more effective and efficient.

And let’s not forget about the cost-saving opportunities. You’re not just saving on wasted impressions, you’re also tapping into a wide range of ad inventories and getting the best rates in real time. It’s like having an expert negotiator in your corner, making sure you’re getting the best deal for every ad space.

So, in essence, programmatic display advertising networks aren’t just a tool, they’re your ally in the fight for customer attention. They’re your secret programme, helping you reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time, all while keeping your costs down. Now, if that’s not a power strategy, I don’t know what is!

The Vital Numbers to Gauge Custom Product Page Effectiveness

The Power of Three: Downloads, Redownloads, and Conversion Rates

In the high-octane world of marketing, you’ve gotta keep your finger on the pulse. And I’m not just talking about your heartbeat. I’m talking about the lifeblood of your business - the downloads, redownloads, and conversion rates. They’re your checkpoints, your milestones, your pit stops in this race to the top. Track these metrics like a hawk to understand the stamina of each custom product page.

The Hidden Gold: Retention Data and Average Revenue Per User

Beyond the surface, there’s a treasure trove of insights waiting to be unearthed. Dig into the retention data and the average revenue per user. They’re the compass guiding your ship, the North Star in your navigation. They’ll tell you if users are coming back for more, if they’re finding value in your app, and if they’re opening their wallets to you.

The Face-off: Custom Product Page Performance vs Default Product Pages

The Showdown: Customer Engagement and In-App Purchases

Now, let’s throw the gloves off and get into the ring. It’s time to compare how your custom product pages stack up against your default product page. Are customers sticking around longer? Are they spending more on in-app purchases? These are the knockout punches that can make or break your strategy.

The Bottom Line: Return on Investment and Customer Value

And finally, it all boils down to this - the return on investment and customer value. After all, the only applause that matters in this show is the jingle of coins in your cash register. Keep a hawk eye on these metrics because they’ll tell you if your marketing efforts are worth their weight in gold.

Benefits & Strategies Recap of Using Custom Product Pages in App Marketing

Let’s rewind and take another glance at the gold mine we’ve unearthed. Custom product pages are not just a nifty tool to add some colour to your app marketing. No, not at all! They are your trump card, your ace in the pack. They’re the ticket to increasing customer acquisitions while simultaneously driving down those pesky costs per acquisition.

These unique landing pages allow you to showcase the sparkling facets of your app, all while delivering a seamless and consistent message right from the word go. Direct your audience from a carefully chosen group of keywords straight to a custom product page that aligns with their interests. Or deliver a message based on their interests and continue with that themed message throughout the journey. This alignment is the secret sauce to higher conversion rates.

And remember, all those app installs add to your App Store Optimisation strategy. The sheer quantity in a short time sends a clear message to the app stores: This app is something special!

Leverage the Power of Personalised App Store Custom Product Pages

Now, it’s your turn. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into the exciting world of custom product pages. These pages are your canvas. Here, you have the opportunity to paint a vibrant picture of your app that’ll not just attract, but also captivate your audience.

Remember, those who dare to innovate are the ones who shine the brightest in the crowded marketplace. So, be bold and be creative! Use these custom product pages to their fullest potential and watch as your acquisition rates soar while your costs plummet.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a team of experts for your app store optimisation services, or take the reins of your app marketing destiny and embark on this exciting journey. The rewards that await you are truly worth the effort. Trust me, once you experience the power of custom product pages, you’ll never look back. The world’s your oyster. Go out and make a pearl!

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Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues
Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.
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sophisticated marketing target
Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues

Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.

sophisticated marketing target
Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues
Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.
sophisticated marketing target
Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues

Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.