How To Increase App Installs

By Jody Lee on 1st Nov 2023

Picture this: Every single app install is a direct line to your customer's world. That's pure gold! Now you might be on the verge of launching your app, aiming to create those golden connections. Or perhaps you already have a few hundred app installs, or maybe even thousands or hundreds of thousands. And you’re itching to increase app installs.

No matter where you stand, no matter the size of your download count or the category of your app or game, I’m going to show you how to boost your app installs with a few marketing hacks. Doesn’t matter if your product is free or paid, offers in-app purchases, or uses some other fancy business model. I’ve got proven App Store Optimisation and app marketing strategies that’ll set your app ablaze!

So brace yourself, because I’m about to drop some major knowledge bombs on how to get and increase your app installs. When we’re done, you’re going to have so many direct lines to your customers. You’ll be right in their hands, ready to serve their every need and desire. And the best part? You’ll get to connect with them directly! So let’s crack on and explore the many ways you can skyrocket those app installs.

Hacks To Increase App Installs

Alright, I’m gonna lay it on the line. We’re talking about app download hacks here, and trust me, this stuff ain’t for the faint of heart.

app installation

First off, let’s get one thing straight: where you start has a hell of a lot to do with where you end up. The platform you’re on, the competition you’re up against, the promo you’re running - it all counts in the grand scheme of app installs.

Now, let’s say you’re launching an app on the Play Store for the first time. Well, Google’s got a little welcome gift for you. They’ll give your app a nice little boost just to see how users respond. It’s like a trial by fire, and if your app is well-optimised and shiny, it just might find its way into the top search results for keywords. We see this happen all the time.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Not every app is a new release. Most are seasoned apps that have updated more than a few times and are up against a whole army of competition. For them, it’s a whole different ball game. You gotta be crafty; you gotta exploit every single angle to increase those app installs.

So whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran, remember this - the app game is a tough one, but with the right moves, you can come out on top.

ASO Drives FREE Organic App & Play Store Installs

You want a flood of FREE organic installs for your app from the App Store and Play Store? Well, let me reveal a little gem. It all starts with your App Store Optimisation (ASO). It needs to be on point.

You’re going to have to whip your store’s content and creative media into shape. This isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s about knowing who your ideal user is and hitting them with the right words. Words that echo in their minds, words that they’re already hunting for.

Once you’ve got these golden keywords, you don’t just sit on them. You weave them into the narrative of the experience your app offers. You make your user see that experience in their mind’s eye and feel it at their fingertips before they’ve even hit that ‘install’ button. And when they do, that’s when you see those keywords doing their magic, driving your app installs through the roof.

Now, you might be wondering, “Where do I find these magical keywords?” Well, that’s where ASO tools come into play. They’re not just tools, they’re your allies in this quest. They help you dig into the minds of your users, understand what makes them tick, and what words they’re typing into that search bar.

So, get your hands on one of these dynamite ASO tools, research your target keywords, and then, with all the cunning of a fox, slip them into your app’s metadata. Trust me, you’ll see those organic installs start to roll in. And the best part? They’re all FREE. Now, isn’t that something to smile about?

But remember, your App Store product page is like a tight pair of jeans; there's a limit to how much you can stuff in it. You’ve only got the app name, subtitle, and keyword field to squeeze in your target keywords. So be picky. Choose only the crème de la crème of your keyword targets to increase your app installs. This isn’t a buffet. It’s a fine dining experience.

Now, when it comes to the Play Store, you’ve got more room to mess around. You’ve got the app name and a short description to drop in your top keywords. Here’s the bonus: You’ve also got a full description to work with.

But hold up for a sec, because this isn’t a free-for-all; it’s a Google joint. That means there’s a fine art to increasing your app’s visibility for your target keywords to pump up those app installs. Just remember, it’s not about stuffing in as many keywords as you can. It’s about making each one count.

Now, it’s time to let your creative juices flow

You’ve got to breathe life into the user experience using screenshots and videos. Position your app as if it’s the only game in town. Use every sales trigger at your disposal to make it irresistible.

Here’s a way to look at it: Your store listing is your product’s packaging. Think of it as a brochure or a leaflet, only it’s not just selling your product, it’s selling an experience.

Now, you’ve got a golden opportunity to strut your stuff. Show 'em what they’re going to get through images and video. Paint a picture so vivid that it’s as if they’re already using your app.

But hold on, there’s another piece of the puzzle that you’ve gotta nail: your app icon. You see, symbols have power. People remember 'em, connect with 'em. Your brand’s logo is no different.

Think about Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, WhatsApp, and Amazon. You see their icons, and boom, you recognise 'em. That’s the power of a well-designed app icon.

So, make sure your app icon isn’t lost in the crowd. It’s gotta be unique, something that stands out, something that ties in with the experience your app offers. Remember, your app icon isn’t just an icon, it’s the face of your brand. Make it count.

Let Me Tell You A Little Secret

About the magic of localisation. It’s not just about translating your content into a different language. It’s about seducing your audience in their own mother tongue, giving them a taste of familiarity while introducing them to something new and exciting - your app.

When you localise your App Store product page and Play Store listing, you’re rolling out the red carpet for potential users from different corners of the globe. By showcasing features that resonate with them and offering customer support in their native language, you’re showing them that you not only value their business but their culture and language too. And when people feel valued, they’re more likely to hit that download button.

Effectively, you'll see an increased conversion rate. So, take your app from local to global with localisations, and watch your installs shoot through the roof.

One powerful sales trigger is built into your store's page...

...the ratings and reviews. These little shining lights can swing the decision-making balance. Think of them as a lighthouse guiding the ships at night. They draw the ships in and act as proof. Social proof. We humans are social creatures. We look for signs, indications, and reassurances from our peers.

And what better way to speed up the decision-making process than by showing off those shiny 4 or 5-star ratings and glowing reviews? They’re like a shot of confidence, straight to the veins of the prospect.

Now, if you’re an established app, you’ve already got a loyal, active audience. You’ve got downloads, and you’ve got engagement. But for your new and undiscovered apps, you need to shine brighter than a supernova. You need to send out a strong, positive signal not just to the app stores but, more importantly, to your potential users.

And here’s the thing: there’s a magic moment, a sweet spot, when it’s the perfect time to ask for these ratings and reviews. This is big league stuff, especially for those fresh apps.

So, get out your detective hat and find that trigger. It could be after an event, a milestone, or a set time frame. Whatever it is, make sure you’re ready to pop the question. Because those ratings and reviews are worth their weight in gold.

So you’ve got to make damn sure your app is polished before you even think about asking for those ratings and reviews. You see, we don’t want a mountain of negative feedback. No, that’s not the ticket to success. So, before you go asking people what they think, make sure they’re going to think it’s fantastic!

A stellar app – that’s what keeps 'em coming back for more

It’s not just about having them download your app, it’s about making them stick around. The app stores, they’re smart, they’re watching, they’re measuring. Retention? Engagement? You betcha they’re onto those metrics!

So, what does this mean for your app? It’s simple. The more your app keeps users coming back, the more the app store gods smile upon you. They see your app as the saving grace, and, vamos, your search rankings start looking pretty good. More visibility, increased app installs - engaged users and new app downloads are a win-win!

So, you gotta get your hands dirty. Develop those retention and engagement strategies. Keep your users hooked. Keep them engaged. Make your app the first thing they want to check out when they unlock their phones.

And guess what? If you play your cards right with App Store Optimisation, you’re looking at a load of free, organic app downloads. Free! Who doesn’t love free? If you’re feeling a bit lost, don’t sweat it. Our App Store Optimisation Services are here to give your app that much-needed boost. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the ASO train, and let’s start boosting those app installs!

Campaign to Boost App Installs

Look, I know you're already savvy about paid media installs. App install campaigns play a big part in ASO. It’s a whole different ballgame than SEO, where you can’t just flash some cash and climb to the top of Google’s search results.

Actually, the effect is more clear since Google Play Console tweaked their reporting. Now, we’re seeing a surge in app installs attributed to third-party referrals. In the wake of that, Play Store Search attributions took a nose dive.

But let’s not get sidetracked. It’s as clear as day that paid media is fueling the fire of organic app downloads. Your organic keyword app installs, they’re gonna rocket up as your search term rankings get a boost from paid app installs.

So, here’s what I propose: Let’s be cunning about this. Let’s fire up performance marketing campaigns when we’re launching or updating an app to ramp up those app install numbers.

We’re talking Google app campaigns, Apple Search Ads, paid social app install campaigns - the works. Whether it’s Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or whatever the next big thing is, we’re taking them all on. Hold tight, because we’re hitting the accelerator on this app’s growth.

Let’s rev up your engine with programmatic app install advertising. That’s right, it’s time to wind up your automation bot and get robotic with real-time ad space buying on programmatic networks.

You’re not just throwing ads into the wind, oh no! You’re pinpointing your ads to those who are just itching for your app based on their demographics, hobbies, and behaviours. This ain’t just effective, it’s a power move in driving app downloads and installs.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s sprinkle in some magic with the App Store's custom product pages and Google Play’s custom store listings. You’re not just matching your marketing message, you’re tailoring it, threading it into custom content that tickles your prospects’ desires and interests.

You’ll not just make your campaigns relevant, you’ll make 'em resonate, drumming up more app installs. Custom product pages not only boost app store acquisitions, they lower costs too. That is the power of message to market match. So let’s get to it, and watch those downloads roll in. Boom! Now that’s what I call marketing, baby!

Influence & Convert

There's one method that's not just another fad: influencer marketing. It's an age-old goldmine waiting to be tapped. An endorsement strategy evolution from the 1760s. Think of it as word of mouth on steroids.

You see, we’re not just talking about celebrities here; we’re talking about credible personalities who have built a rapport with their audience. They’re trusted, they’re revered, and most importantly, they’re influential.

Now, when these influencers, with all their charm and credibility, endorse your app, it’s like a personal recommendation on a grand scale. Their followers, who hang on to their every word, are likely to take their advice and install your app. It’s the same principle as the word-of-mouth effect, only amplified a hundred times over.

That is the power of influencer marketing. It’s not just about getting your app out there. Be careful. That can backfire. It’s about getting it into the hands of your target prospects... people who trust and value the opinion of their favourite influencer. It’s about leveraging credibility, maximising visibility, and driving app installs like never before.

Ultimately, your App Marketing Strategy skyrockets your app downloads

If you want to see those numbers climb to 1,000, 100K, or even a whopping 1 million downloads, you must embrace a multimedia approach. That means promoting your app both online and offline, leaving no stone unturned.

You’ve likely come across digital and print media urging you to get your hands on their app. Well, that’s effective marketing right there. Don’t underestimate the power of using the App Store and Play Store badges in your promotions. They serve as a stamp of credibility, giving potential users the confidence to find your app and hit that download button.

But here’s the real secret sauce to success: an omnichannel strategy. With this approach, your app will reach your ideal customer wherever they may be - online and in real life. It’s about creating a seamless experience across all channels, from social media ads to billboards on the highway. By being present in their digital world and their physical surroundings, you’ll capture their attention and drive those downloads through the roof.

So, my fellow marketer, don’t limit yourself. Embrace the power of brand and omnichannel marketing. Let your app be a force to be reckoned with, making waves both online and offline. And trust me, the results will speak for themselves. Now go out there and conquer the app world!

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sophisticated marketing target
Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues
Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.
sophisticated marketing target Get Your Strategy To Increase Revenues
sophisticated marketing target
Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues

Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.

sophisticated marketing target
Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues
Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.
sophisticated marketing target
Significantly Increase Your Company's Revenues

Create and tweak your marketing strategy, plan for action, and set out your marketing campaign.