Privacy Policy

We want visitors to this website to fully take part in the activities and offers and information provided. We also want to make sure when we collect information from you, we do so in a manner that does not infringe your right to privacy. So this Privacy Policy is designed to give you useful information about the way we collect and use personal information, and how we use cookies.

We use the information to provide you with the highest-quality service as well as offers we think are relevant to you. By using this website you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Sharing & Disclosure

We will not collect any personal data from you unless you specifically provide it and we will only use your information for the purposes you have consented. We will not ask you to provide any more information than is reasonably necessary to enable you to participate in an activity and to improve the website. does not sell, share or rent personal information about you collected on the website.

Purchases & Fulfilment

Purchasing products and services from may require you to use the external third-party payment service provided. In order to complete the transaction and fulfill your order, you will need to provide them with your ‘contact information’ (name, email, billing and delivery address) and an acceptable form of payment. In some cases, you will need to set up an account with said third-party in order to pay ongoing subscriptions. By providing them with your information you consent to them passing your ‘contact information’ to to complete our transaction and set up any paid for memberships or services.

Usage Tracking & Cookies is monitored. As is any professional website, to track and improve the website, user experience, and business. To do this, cookies are used. A small piece of computer code placed on your computer to identify you. Cookies do not contain any personal information and can be deleted at any time. However, they are used across the internet to improve your experience, so doing so may cause you to miss content, products or services you would otherwise be interested in. 

Privacy Policy Changes reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time without notice.